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Our business started slowly with Time-Lapse because of limitation of the system we used. Once we found Infinity Imaging, we have far more, real time control over the cameras and clients web portal. Their prices are also keener than others. They provide excellent field and back-end service and go out of their way to assist with any requests. Being able to offer clients a superior service has led to our business growing and Time-Lapse is now the main service we provide. We are grateful to Andrew North and the team at Infinity Imaging.

Timelapse It
Ian Wilson, Director

Reliable long term timelapse is a critical component of our business. Having had hands on experience. with a number of different products, we settled on Infinity Imaging Systems to partner with for our operations. Andrew and the team consistently deliver great service, reliable equipment and are always willing to go above and beyond to assist on any customisation requests. Look no further if you are after the most efficient product and service on the market.

Colin Williams
Colin Williams, Director

West side Place complex, is Melbourne’s biggest inner city development. Visible from many vantages across the city, this visual masterpiece is making its presence known among Melbourne’s iconic CBD skyline. A Luxury development at the heart of the CBD, providing breathtaking vistas of the varied landscapes that surround the inner-city precinct.

Cloud 9 Creative
John Ely

Australia 108, is the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. This impressing World Class skyscraper, consists of a 316.7 metre tall apartment building with over 1,105 apartments, spanning over 100 floors. The gold coloured ‘Starburst’ feature on its exterior, is inspired by the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag. The project commenced in 2015 and was completed in 2020.

Cloud 9 Creative
John Ely

Long term time-lapse was a component of our business that we were prepared to abandon due to reliability of equipment and the back end support required to confidently offer the service. Discovering and dealing with Infinity Imaging Systems has changed our thinking. Quality products and great service has reinvigorated this part of our business.

HiVis Pictures
Pete Glenane, Director